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T&T Cleaning Services

Serving the Durban and surrounding area's.

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After years of searching for a cleaning company that could meet Mrs Kotze’s high standards of cleaning, Mrs Kotze, with over 25 years experience in the market, decided to start her own company delivering the same service as what she has been searching for. With intensive market research, T&T Cleaning Services officially opened in early 2014.

Where our competitor’s mealy drop off a maid for the day and let the owner/company manage her, we at T&T are more involved and management personally gets involve with our teams to ensure the best results. Where there are many cleaning services, they do not offer what most clients are looking for, that is why we offer a great diversity of services to a vast community.

T&T Cleaning Service’s strategy is to build strong foundation by ensuring a solid service to our Customers. Whether your Company is big or small or you are embarking on Domestic Cleaning, we at T&T render the exact same high cleaning standards.

Our Teams works well together and they are friendly, helpful, trustworthy and reliable. All the employees are well trained and they are a huge asset to our company. All new employees of T&T undergo an extensive screening process.

In summary, we do a thorough cleaning job, we are reliable and trustworthy.  We work well together and have a friendly and positive outlook on our work. We will also do more than just the minimum, we will always give our best and work to the best of our ability.

We have a tailor made solution for everyone.

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